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Black Magic Design (BMD)

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Product Overview

The Blackmagic Design Ultimatte 12 HD is an advanced real-time compositing processor designed for keying live-action video with next-generation broadcast graphics, virtual sets, and other elements. The Ultimatte 12 HD includes new algorithms and color science, incredible edge handling and color separation, astounding color fidelity, and better than ever before spill suppression. The high-performance 3G-SDI design gives you the ability to work in HD with sub-pixel processing, resulting in an incredible image.

The brand-new Ultimatte 12 is more than the best keyer in the world; it is also a real-time compositing processor designed for the next generation of broadcast graphics. The Ultimatte 12 employs brand-new algorithms and color science to produce composites with true photorealism. Even in shadowed areas or through transparent objects such as windows, the edge handling, color separation, color fidelity, and spill suppression are better than ever before. Ultimatte 12 is offered in four incredible configurations, with HD, Ultra HD, and even native 8K support! Imagine presenting the weather, sports, news, and entertainment in an environment of cinematic quality, all in real-time.

Add an Ultimatte 12 to Each Camera
When working live with multiple cameras shooting from various angles, it is common for the green screen to exhibit variations. In addition, the keyers built into live production switchers are frequently shared by multiple cameras, which complicates the keying process because each camera perceives the green screen slightly differently. The new Ultimatte 12 eliminates these issues by providing cutting-edge technology at an affordable price, thereby enabling each camera to have its own Ultimatte. This means that each Ultimatte can be customized for a particular camera's view! With a dedicated Ultimatte on each camera, your compositions can surpass what is possible with set design, allowing you to create entirely new worlds!

Create Virtual Live Environments for Broadcasting
Whether you work in broadcast news, sports, film production, or magazine-style entertainment programming, Ultimatte 12 can place your talent into any scene with incredibly lifelike composites! Additionally, the new Ultimatte 12 models include built-in frame stores, so live video sources are not required for all inputs. Ultimatte 12 can also be used to add computer-generated augmented reality foreground objects to a scene, complete with realistic transparency that allows your talent to walk behind them! Ultimatte 12 is also ideal for on-set previsualization in film production, allowing actors and directors to view the scene as it is being shot.

Create Realistic Fixed Camera Virtual Sets
Now, even in small apartments or basements, you can create a massive broadcast set! Due to the fact that all Ultimatte 12 models contain frame stores, it is possible to load pre-rendered still images from a 3D-modeled broadcast set. This is a revolution in live production, as you can now use a virtual set even if you don't have room for a physical broadcast set! Plus, without any external apparatus! Use multiple cameras, each with an Ultimatte 12 and a background frame loaded. Since the backgrounds are pre-rendered, they can be more photorealistic than a conventional virtual set. If the cameras do not move, the backdrops will be flawless! Plus, Ultimatte 12 is inexpensive, allowing you to utilize more cameras.

New Algorithms and Expanded Color Space!
All Ultimatte 12 models, even Ultimatte 12 HD Mini, have the same incredibly advanced image processing algorithms and a huge internal color space! This means all models produce identical quality compositions! The processing automatically generates internal mattes so different parts of the image are processed separately based on the colors in each area. It’s like having the power of multiple Ultimatte keyers all working together on the same image! You get fine edge detail where it’s needed the most, like on hair, and smoother transitions between colors or other objects in the scene. Everything is handled by new math and sub pixel processing that’s designed for incredible quality and clarity.

New Algorithms and Color Space Expansion!
All Ultimatte 12 models, including Ultimatte 12 HD Mini, possess the same incredibly sophisticated image processing algorithms and a vast internal color space! This means that all models produce compositions of identical quality! The processing generates internal mattes so that different portions of the image are processed independently based on the colors in each area. It's like having multiple Ultimatte keyers working simultaneously on the same image! You obtain finer edge detail where it is most important, such as on hair, and smoother transitions between colors and other objects in the scene. Everything is handled by brand-new math and sub-pixel processing designed to provide exceptional quality and sharpness.

Automatic Scene Analysis for Single-Touch Entry
When it comes to live production, swiftness is required. Ultimatte 12 includes one-touch keying technology that analyzes a scene and automatically sets over a hundred parameters, allowing you to generate excellent keys with minimal effort. First, ensure that the scene is well-lit and that the cameras are properly white-balanced; then, simply press the auto button, and Ultimatte will do the rest! In addition, all models include Screen Correction to compensate for green/blue screens with uneven lighting. One touch keying is significantly faster and allows you to pull a key accurately with minimal effort. This allows you to concentrate on the program while Ultimatte 12 handles the rest!

Add Translucent Layers and Broadcast Images
Adding additional translucent objects, such as colored or tinted glass and computer graphics, is practically impossible with a conventional keyer. This is due to the fact that it is impossible to subtract a blue or green screen from a semi-transparent colored object without altering the original color of the object. Now, Ultimatte 12 offers a revolutionary new mode for layer compositing that enables the addition of tinted objects on top of the foreground image. This enables a brand-new generation of realistic translucent glass effects in broadcast graphics! This means that when you look through an object or your subject walks behind it, the tinted colors are accurately preserved, resulting in a photograph that appears absolutely real!

Reproduce and Maintain Difficult Colors Faithfully
With Ultimatte 12, you have access to enhanced flare, edge, and transition processing, allowing you to remove the background without affecting the desired colors. This means that you will be able to retain and reproduce colors that are impossible with other keyers, such as a bright yellow dress against a green screen! Ultimatte 12 is intelligent enough to isolate and process distinct portions of an image independently, while maintaining smooth color transitions. The compositing is of the highest quality, so the final product appears photorealistic. Ultimatte 12, unlike other keyers, produces crisp, clear images with vibrant colors that pop!

Key and Composite Images with Transparency and Shadows
The enhanced flare algorithms in Ultimatte 12 can remove green tinting and spill from anything, which is one of the reasons Ultimatte 12 generates virtual environments with a true, realistic appearance! Additionally, you need not worry about shadows or transparent objects with reflections. Ultimatte 12 samples the colors automatically, generates seamless mattes for walls, floors, and other image components, and then applies the necessary corrections. Shadows have been properly mapped and composited onto the new background, spill has been eliminated, and transparent objects have been handled flawlessly!

Numerous Video Connection Options
Depending on the model, Ultimatte 12 offers up to seven different input connections that are used to composite together various source elements. These include the foreground and background, holdout and garbage mattes, and additional layer inputs for superimposing additional images on top of the composited image. Ultimatte 12 even permits the use of non-synchronized sources when working with static shots! The internal frame stores of the new Ultimatte 12 models allow you to load backgrounds and other elements without the need for external video sources. That drastically reduces the price of building broadcast systems based on Ultimatte!

Utilize Multiple Ultimatte Units on One Display!
All Ultimatte 12 models include a monitor cascade feature that allows the output of up to eight Ultimatte units to be displayed on a single SDI monitor. Simply connect up to eight Ultimatte units via an SDI daisy chain using the monitor input and monitor output connections, and then plug the final Ultimatte unit into an SDI monitor. Then, when you switch to monitor a particular Ultimatte unit using the Ultimatte Software Control or the Smart Remote 4, the monitor output will switch cleanly with almost no latency and be passed down the chain for display on the monitor. This greatly simplifies monitoring, even when working with a large number of cameras equipped with Ultimatte.

Key Features
  • Up to 1080p60 via 3G-SDI BNC
  • 1-Touch Keying, Advanced Compositing
  • SD/HD/3G-SDI Support
  • Works with Ultimatte Smart Remote 4
  • 5 x SDI Inputs & Loop Outputs
  • Dedicated Compositing Inputs & Outputs
  • Realistic Augmented Reality with Tinting
  • Advanced Algorithms and Color Science
  • Better Color Fidelity/Edges/Transitions
  • 1 RU Height, Half-Rack Width


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